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These are a few picture of Cheryl and myself at WSID on Sunday were we went to ride in an Altered class dragster. It was unbelievable a rush that you cannot describe. Have a read and a look at the video. Absolutly off the chain unreal.




Wow, that would be a rush for sure Wayne. How fast and what kind of time? Very cool photos.

A little bit more power than 1500 hey Wayne.

That would have been awesome.

Bill Around 8.2 about 200 klm. They punch real hard to the eighth mile but run it through the remaning 200 of the quarter a bit more sedate than when actually racing but thats understandable its a ride for effect and they dont want to be breaking parts and then not being able to run. But I can assure you that its amazing it is a real buzz.
Ray just a little mate but in hindsight not a huge difference --- Yeah right mate the first 100 to 150 is totally indescribable.

Terry awesome doesn't even come close to the mark mate it is amazing

Hey Wayne - I see that the two passengers sit side by side ...... so does that mean Cheryl as able to hold your hand to comfort you !?

What a rush.

Yes it was the only way I would go !!!! Mate it was unbelievable.!!!

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