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Dennis cann't get used to 18 hours daylight....

Dennis cann't get used to 18 hours daylight....

We gave him a solution to get his sleep..... took this pics 10pm and still full daylight, start to be dark around 11pm and light again about 4:30 in the morning... Dennis cann't sleep with daylight.... short nights in Holland for Dennis and even shorter within a week visiting Sweden!!! Thom, Marek... give him a dark place to sleep!!!


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Love the tee shirt Dennis !

and there are many others with the same problem. I built a wooden cover to slip into my bedroom window frame to block out all the light when I work night shifts and need to sleep during the day.

18 hr of ride time I'd try and get all the riding in I could. I have been doing that here. Dennis you could paint your eyelids black. Have a great time..

I like your thinking Wayne.
I had the same issue at Dennis when I went to the U.K in 2014.
Alcohol was the answer

I like ALCOHOL So that is what I'll do when we get down there next year.

I would have the same problem. I like both Wayne and Matts solutions, just not at the same time.

Ya sleep is overrated anyway, I find it quite boaring. Everytime I travelled to Europe I just wanted to see everything I could and sleep was last on the list. There is just way too many intresting things to take in with just a short amount of time, specially in Belgium and the Netherlands

The older you get, the less sleep you need is what I’ve been told. Dennis should only need 5 minutes.....

So many?

Gert....harsh! No wonder he has left you and gone to Marek and Dana’s.

Al, that’s even further up north, so the days are even longer!!!! LOL

Oh...dear. He is in trouble....

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