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Devils Cove at Fraser National Park

Devils Cove at Fraser National Park

Devils Cove at Fraser National Park, this is at the top of Skyline Rd after riding through Eildon.


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Nice group

Did I read right in a pic or two back that there were 16 bikes or sixteen people, some being pillions. At least one has to be a pillion in this pic unless you got a drop bear to take the pic.

Not all of us are in this photo Randy ... a couple of us got a case of ‘red mist’ and went fanging off through the twisties while the rest stopped for a photo opp.

Nice clear skies.

16 bikes, 21 ppl in the group on the weekend Smiley-laughing

Yes I would have fanged into the red mist also if it it twisties. You only stop for photo opps if the the twisties are in pairs, oops need get the mind out of the gutter.

Good looking group. Nice pic

Thats a good group Dim. Well organised. Sorry I couldn't make it sons wedding on this weekend and a lot to do. Hopefully next year.

Great looking group.

Nice get together and photo stop. You guys had a great day for a ride.

I didn't quite take that view in, to busy concentrating on trying to keep up with Vardy...LOL!!!

I think I would be with you and Vardy. I like twisty black top.

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