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a dirty Bird

a dirty Bird

I think she has been playing in the pig pen at night when I was sleeping.  We went through the same rain together and I'm not dirty.  Just got back today after riding 1500 some miles in 4 days with 2 days in between visiting my daughter in Olympia, WA.  When I visit in the car it is 400 miles and 1 day but for some reason the bike odometer read 710 miles going up and 2 days.  Same on the return trip.


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Job to do.... clean her Randy! She has to be clean.... you know that!!!

I see Bird got a little crusty.
Odd thing about Motorcycles. I run an errand in the car and its 12 miles. I take the bike and its 35 miles. Must become some sort of temporal land displacement when we ride.

If you're going on the bike you should always go the "Long Way Around"

Yes Gert, all clean again.

Than it’s time to show up, so it’s time for another ride! LOL

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