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Dirty night ride

Dirty night ride

A little gravel on a warm summer night. Tomorrow comes bath time...


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Been there done that. Ride safe and rub a dub dub with the soap and wax.

Great looking bike!

Erik we havent heard from you in a long time!! Where ya been son???

Sweet ride Erik.

Is your bike laying down Erik?

Nice to see you have made it back. Kinda like the old days, black and white.

Busy with work and travel. Back on two wheels again and brought Lazarus out to play @Val.

Nope just a funky angle when I sat down to take a break @als1953.

Glad that’s all it was Erik.

Gravel road and my heavy VTX1800 are not a good mix. Years ago, I wandered onto gravel as a road came to a dead end. I came to a stop at an incline. With no traction to go forward and squirrelly braking to roll backwards, I had a tense several minutes rolling back to some hardtop. Luckily, I didn't drop my bike and no more gravel for me ever since.

Oh crap. That's not good
I also hate gravel.. only thing worse is clay

yes gravel definitely makes things more interesting the heavier the bike, That unexpected gravel spot on paved roads in a curve as taken many by surprise. The mechanic at the Bird dealership found out and ended up with a broken clavicle.

Nice pic! Reminds me of what you'd get from an old Instamatic.

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