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For Drew After polish of shocks

For Drew After polish of shocks

This is how they finsihed up after



Niiiiice! I must get onto this. I'm introducing more bare metal surfaces on my Café Racer. Haven't had any success with general automotive clear acrylic sprays - I've just been using wax to keep out the corrosive crap.

How did your mate apply the Incralac ?

It sure needed it. Job well done

They look like new now. Great job.

Vardy its in a rattle can from Bunnings

Thanks ... I'm onto it!!

I would of bought those on-line. Work! Still have to pull the fork. They are really good looking though. Where's your you-tube video? Thanks for your post. I will explore.

Drew my mate Phil be able to restore pretty much anything back to new.

Pulling the forks isn8t too hard, worth the effort for the end result

Nice and shinny and he might have 6hr into the shinny work.

You probably don't have to take off the fork, just the wheel, brakes, and any attachments. And working off a lift the forks should be lower than when they have the weight on them, and just sand, polish, clear coat, and re-assemble.

I think it's a whole job and it'll take several hours, but watch the final result! They are like brandnew, or maybe even better!

That's a fantastic result Spratty!

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