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What a nice piece of property. But I can't get my bike through



Get that sump pump going. It ain't that deep go ahead ride a crossed it.

Break out the water wings. LOL.

Yeah don't do it Valerie. It's a trap

Good thing you saw it during high tide versus buying at low tide and not knowing it floods. Riding through water where you can't see the bottom is just as bad as riding through dust blowing across the road when there is know other wind. Both will hurt you.

Water front property and cheap. Go fast you'll make it. Evel Knievel did..??? I saw a bike running on water here on CCC I know it can be done..

Drew. It really is kind of deep and its at a slant and its running fast. I'd be in the drink calling triple A in a heart beat. LOL

VAL, aren't you glad we all have such good ideas???

LOL Wayne your fearless. You come do it. I'll handle the camera. Smiley-laughing

BY the time I get there there won't be any water. I'm sure you would take a great pic. Darn it anyway !!!

It would be a good test ride of your new seat

The instructions say don't wash it just wipe it cause it's special

What, your hinny or the seat?

That seems to be one of those trick questions. I'll just say my seeeaat??

Any crocodiles .... sorry, alligators .... in there!!! I am very wary of fast flowing water even if only axle deep ... current very strong !

We don't have alligators in Australia. The sharks ate nearly all of them, and the two that got away were destroyed by drop bears.

No alligators. Perhaps a snake or two

That's worse than alligators to me

me too. I dont like animals with more than 4 legs or no legs at all

I am so going to enjoy your stories Phil when you get here in April. It'll be like watching the SciFi channel.
Valerie, I am shocked that you don't like people without legs. Yes my literal dry humor attacking you.

I said animals Randy. It is my lowly opinion that many humans are just a bit below them

Yes they are a few that are that, even lower than the spiders and snakes you don't like. Just the ongoing good and bad forces battling it out.

Ya, you better have a dirt bike because there's no pavement on each side of the bridge. It looks like a dam since the water is flowing over it.

My Sporty can do the terrain. its the fast water that scares me. It is common to have water running over driveways during the wet season but this one is collapsed on the left side.

So lean to the right. LOL.

So the water has a bigger target?

Valerie, you should know everyone talks big, I just want to be there to hear their excuse for not doing what they are trying to get you to do. I'm with you on this one, the Bird's feet stay out of it. She is NOT a crane or a duck or a goose, although I do "goose" her quite often.


It reminds me of a place a Realtor wanted us to see. We went the following Moring after it rained all night to find the Monococy River just under the window sills. Right !! Thanks!

Just bugging you Val. I wouldn't take the chance either.

Val, just get really good friend to cross first. If they survive you will. If they perish, you wont. Simples!!!!!!!!!!!

Valerie, this is what I think Phil is telling you, have him go first.

Excellent! Send Phil!

I third that!!!

OK Phil has it

Harsh! I was the one with the safety advice!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a floaty you can use Phil.

You're a generous old fart aren't you?????????

MAN I try...

What R U trying to say Phil, that U R'nt Valerie's friend? of course we won't let you drown, but would love to have a video go viral.

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