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Dutch tradition, appelflappen and oliebollen at newyears eve...

Dutch tradition, appelflappen and oliebollen at newyears eve...

Happy New Year!!!


Own Photo: 


Happy new year to you too Gert ... only 43 minutes to go for us east coast Aussies ... !!

Same to you Gert

Happy New Year Gert

You baked

Here in the southern US we eat black eyed peas on New Year's Day.

I'll have at least one of each Please ... Happy New Year Gert & Family ....

Not me Charlie icky icky icky Black Eyed Peas

any type of PEA, PEE, is on my NO list to ingest, but I will try Gert's tradition. I'll be sleeping when it rolls in. Gave up the partying mode a long time again.

Ok, what is inside those thingys on the right? Cream perhaps?
Happy new year Gert and Simone, and thank you for all your pics and videos from 2017. I wait in anticipation on your "next production" and all to follow....

Happy New Years Gert and Simone!! Send some of those over here!!

Looks tasty.. Have a great new year

Enjoy Gert. Have a Happy New Year, and give Simone a break from cooking, take her out for New Year. LOL.

Yum Yum. Smiley-laughing

Now I'm hungry.

I'll message you my address and you can send some my way

I think I still have your address Gary, but I don’t know about the quality when I send them... I mean... it would take a few weeks and they taste the best fresh!

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