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dyna brake lines

dyna brake lines

goday everyone, just thought i would put a pic up of my brothers brake lines,  these are from his dyna. probally would have blown soon.
the ends that are rusty where covered in a shrink tube kind of wraping, he noticed oneday that they were buldging out so he cut the wrapping off and holly crap almost rusted out.  see the shrink sealed tight against the bottom of the fitting and was open on the top (hose side) lettng water in and over time rust out.  the new ones do not have this shrink cover on them, more like the  vstars that are not covered


Own Photo: 


Wow...bad design! Good thing your brother caught it in time!

That was a disaster waiting to happen!

They look cheap and nasty.
Would he have been better off replacing them with braided lines?

Good catch. A ticking time bomb. Some one had a bright idea with the shrink tubing, But that's all it was.

blame that one on harley

blame that one on harley

He is lucky he caught that. That could have been a very bad deal while trying to stop..

Wow !
Close Call !
Good thing he discovered that shit !

That is serious corrosion !

Scary to say the least

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