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Early start.

Early start.

Off we go. 600ks down and only 2 little drizzle episodes. Great ride so far.


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I'm always scared of roos at that time in the morning.

Me too Steve.
Safe travels guys.

Happy trails to you ...

Not a fan of dawn, or dusk, riding. That ‘Wing will give great weather protection from minor rain events, but still dangerous to run into critters. You guys have Roos and we have deer..... look at their heads..... neither is very smart around roads. Safe rides, Al.

At least we don't have drop bears, the jackalopes ate them all. Some of the 'lopes have been domesticated.

Enjoy the trip Al.

Have a great and safe trip

Have fun, ride safe!

Took it easy till the freeway at Narellan. Wirst pest on the roads were car drivers. Home today. 9 days away. A few thousand k’s. Yesterday and today were a bit hard going due to the 36C + temps.

Yeah not looking forward to those hot temps after Tassie, we leave tomorrow.
Glad you had a great trip and home safe

Welcome home neighbours.

Welcome home Al and Coz glad your home safetly. Hope you have a safe trip home too Dave.

Thanks Ray, just boarded the ship for Melbourne, won't get home until Saturday arvo

Yep. Good trip. The heat seemed to affect us more than usual.

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