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Eating kangeroo for the first time in my life...


... and I had to use sticks to eat it, because it was a Japanese restaurant... Glad we could spend a whole evening!

It should not have been tough Gert. It should have been tender and served rare. It is a very lean meat too. Tastes great. Rob and I did a video on cooking Roo.

It sure was nice and soft and served rare, that's how I prefere a steak Phil! But I hate those damned sticks to eat my meal!!!

A Dutchman, eating Kangaroo in a Japanese restaurant in Holland ... what a wonderful world we live in !

LOL Vardy.

I couldn't agree more Peter.

I'll wait until I get to Aus to eat roo. When I visit you and Marek in May, it will be those countries flavors. I'll pass on the Amsterdam redlight delicacies though. I value my lungs and my sanity (what little I have left). Probably that fish thing you ate a while back also. Chocolates though are high on the list.

Cool, a good strong beer or a glass of red to go with it.

Now that's something I'll have to try. We have Japanese restaurants here. The beer is a nice touch

Ohhh! Skip!

Thanks Matt, now I won't be able to try any roo as it might be Skippy I am eating.

Lol Randy
Skipppy is long gone.

Skippies, in general, are as much of a pain in the ass a Deer is over there.

Deer aren't bad here as long as the idiot people don't start feeding them in the winter. If they get too bad on a farmer's land, they just shoot a few of them and gets things back down to manageable.

Once, about four years ago I've got a deer in front and against my car. I can tell you, for me that was a bloody stupid deer! About 2500,- Euro damage on my car, because the deer suddenly came from the bushes and crossed the road...

Its because they have suicidal tendencies. It ran like hell to bolt though east bound traffic to get hit by west bound traffic...ME! It did $4200 USD to a $4600 USD '97Jeep Wrangler I bought two weeks earlier. It got its wish! Killed instantly on the grill of the Jeep.

Yep. That's roo's for you.

I hate deer they're everywhere around here. I'm in a desert with no trees or grass ,well lots of farms . The things just pop out of anywhere. I just missed two coming around a corner. One in front and one at the rear. That will get your heart going.

Yes Phil, the restaurants usually serve it rare which is why I will only eat roo if I cook it myself. I have skinned too many not to know of the parasites the require 'well done" to make it safe to eat. As you say lovely tasting lean meat.
It should be more readily available to purchase in the shops.

I'll Use my fingers before sticks. If I try them I'll starve I'm not good at pick up sticks

So many thoughts. So little courage. Particularly as i will be in arms reach in a few weeks!!!!!!!!

It is Blackadler, but at the price they want, it is too rich for my blood.

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