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Eddie's Home Built

Eddie's Home Built

Speaking of creativity, due to the extremely low seat position, Eddie added some stylish Velcro straps to the knee area of his leather pants in order to hold his legs together at the knees on long rides. Quote, "You do what you have to do for comfort."




Whatever works.

Well done Eddie!

Can’t quite picture that in my mind’s eye ... LOL

Great looking bike and a great build. He must be proud of his work. I would be..

He's got more patience than I

Love that 21 wired hoop on the front - really sets the whole bike off .... a man after my own heart for sure ...
It is a great feeling to know every nut & bolt intimately - I did a Full Strip down of my old '72 FLH - which actually came from Oregon as a One Owner bike before I purchased it in the early 90's - it has less than 15,000 miles on it but I wanted to do a Full Rebuild of it anyway just to see what everything was like and tidy up a few areas of the old shovel ... Great Experience and a Great Bike - Wish I still had it ....
Cheers & Ride Safe ....

Great job Eddie.

Great job Eddie!!

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