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Ethereal Valkyrie

Ethereal Valkyrie

A play on exposure.  Hildr is in the shade and the sun is shining bright in the background.  Taken in my warehouse parking lot looking out the office door.



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Nice window view. Trouble is watching that all day you can't wait for knock of time to ride it home.

Hopefully Hildr is not being called home to the eternal rest.

Nice view from the office, mine is only a few metres away but around the corner. :(

Nice view Charlie. Mine is directly out of my office window under cover and in the shade.

However I've been told this morning I can't park it there anymore as we have new tenants moving in out the back and it will be an obstacle. F#&$*#

Looks great I’m any light !

Very nice view

Nice shot . Does your Valkyrie ever get dirty? It is always shinny..

Wayne, they are the Rolls Royce of motorcycles. Never dirty, never break down....but sometimes “Fail to proceed”

Al, I like the Valkyrie in the last part. I think it is because of the 2nd part. Had that happen last Wed when my head wasn't functioning right thus I failed to proceed to work.

Mine failed to proceed coming home from a CCC rally. It was dark. Not one person stopped to offer assistance. The seal on the drive shaft had failed (apparently before I bought the bike) and it had finally worn the drive shaft to the point where it would no longer do anything....welll apart from make a terrible noise. Lol. Surprisingly, Honda Australia had all the parts, shipped over night. Only ou5 of action for 2 days.

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