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Evening Walk

Evening Walk

took our little dog for a walk after work, and came across this visitor on the pathway in the wetlands. The dog didn’t bark and we got to within a few feet before the deer quietly left the path



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Their nice and cute while on the path. Very good shot..

Yeah I found one of those the other day up on top of the mountain when I took the Rebel out. Tried to get a pick but she eventually got nervous when I leaned over to take the camera off the mount and left.

Nup. Not your cold temp or my warm one. In between please.

Nice photo. Lucky you could get up close.

Good shot. Glad you got the face and not the rear end

Great pic

They hate to leave the path. I don't blame them, the snow crust hurts their legs

Mmmmmmm....deer jerky

I love seeing wildlife. As long as they stay off the road I'm riding or driving.

And don't try to eat you hey Bill

Looking pretty snowed in there Len. What do you call a deer with no EYES.......No Idea...Dad Joke a bad one at that.

Spratty, what do you call a deer with no eyes now? Still no f’ing idea.

Dinner is only a short walk away. Hmmm. Nice pic Len

That's a fence joke Spratty.
Hard to get over. Smiley-laughing

Of course it depends on high the fence is and what it is made of.

LOL Val. that too.

That’s realy close! Next time you don’t even need a gun because the deer goes to the BBQ by himself!!! LOL

Mmmmm venison! Steaks, roasts, jerky, if they weren’t meant to be eaten they shouldn’t be made out of food. Lol.

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