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For Everyone Up North

For Everyone Up North

It is March 11 and it is snowing in Arkansas. This really sucks. Last week it was in the mid 70.sF



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That doesn't look good Allen! The weather looks not good enough to enjoy a bbq!!!

Gert, it's not good. Not only no bbq, no ride either

It wasn't me.....

You sure you didn't send this stuff to us? Lol

Crazy weather!

For sure

Are you sure it wasn't someone with dandruff sat in your rocking chair??

Dandruff??? It sure wasn't me!!! LOL

Maybe the Russians have interfered with the weather patterns as well .... hyuk hyuk hyuk !!

Good work Voodoo! It's -17C now at 4:40 am. Ice is cracking next week, all plus temps for the next week. Here we go.

All + temps here next week too JJ. Supposed to be +8C tomorrow.

I'll have to check my conversation chart, but that sounds good

Not happy for sure.

Bill and JJ don't you wish you had that much snow

We got it now !! Hang on tight !

Heat is here,Bob. Riding this Saturday.

I wish. It's been nice the past few days +9C. Still a ways to go before any riding.

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