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Facebook Matt Curry (The Phantom)

Facebook Matt Curry  (The Phantom)

I have aopened a 2nd Facebook Account which is strictly for my CCC family.
This account wil be dedicated to motorcycles only
It will still appear as Matt Curry but will also have (The Phantom) after my name, the same profile picture as my CCC account and my back ground picture will be my MATT01 patch.
As per Photo Attached.



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Bugger! You've been cloned here too. Lol. No, just kidding people. All legit.

It okay Al
Just take your meds & it will be all OK in the morning

It,s it ok now?

Got it Matt. when you open facebook on your phone, Does it ask which account?

Yes it gives you the option to swap between accounts but you can only use one at a time.

Good on you Matt.

Its just weird like your own post.
But I think the segregation from blood relatives to CCC family is important.
I share things with CCC family that blood family just dont get.

Absolutely ... and they don't understand and don't need to know. Especially friends of friends.

You got it Tezza

How does it all work, I've always been cautious about signing up to FB as I don't want or need family to see my exploits on 2 wheels. So does your CCC family mean just that its only CCC?? as Pauline would say " Please Explain"

Spratty, you can choose who sees what. You only invite certain people to see your stuff, like me, tezza, Matt, Phill Cole(:P)

So Ive setup a FB account under my real name.
Blocked all my blood family members, sent friends request to all CCC members that I know on Facebook.
(Total confused them), Any friends request I get are double check they are CCC members before I accept them.
This CCC FB account has its own email account too.

I also use the above picture combination so its easily to relate to CCC & Ive only liked the two CCC Groups

So when I sign up do I then search for Matt01.

Unfortunately No as you can't have numbers in your Facebook name.
So you would look up Matt Curry .
It will provide a list
Then look for the Matt Curry with the "The Phantom" profile pic.

Communicating with CC friends would be the only reason I would start an FB account, good idea Matt.

Tezza is a good teacher.
I just borrowed from him

You can communicate with CCC people on fb? Lol

You can change your name too. Mine is Tezza Sebrof. But so they don't link, use a different email aďress. Don't use your mobile number either. I have the two accounts with different passwords.
I also got a friend request from Terry Forbes but I won't allow him. Smiley-wink

Sebrof? Bloody Russians! Rigging the US election. Don't show me those hooker videos!

Friendship accepted.

Two Phantoms...?

My new name on FB is Pauls Sken....

Only "Friends friends" can send the friend request to me... It will take some time to put it together , but that way I´ll have only CCC people as friends...

Brilliant idea Pauls
I'll look you up

Mr Sken, do you have trouble remembering who you are?

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