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Favorite Pic of the Day (nothing to do with motorcycles)

Favorite Pic of the Day (nothing to do with motorcycles)

Gonna brag -- My son, Aidan, was the winning pitcher today clinching the Bi-District play-offs for his high school team.  He pitched a complete game with no walks and four strikeouts while allowing only one run.  His teammates gave him the game ball and the "locked in" award.  

I took a bunch of great looking game pics, but this one is my favorite...and I didn't even take it!  My wife, Dena, did.  She had wanted to get a photo of me and Aidan, so I handed her the camera.  Right then, two young fans came up and asked Aidan to sign their ball.  His girlfriend is on the right...good times!





A “proud Dad” moment, Charlie!

Well Done Aiden!

All strength to him!

So great! What's wrong with his elbow? It's on ice

The ice is standard procedure after throwing as many pitches as Aidan did. The trainer will always apply ice on a pitcher's arm and shoulder after a game if that's part of the pitcher's routine. (Aidan's shoulder ice had fallen off by the time we took this photo.)

Also, there are UIL rules that limit the number of pitches a pitcher can throw over a certain amount of time. On Saturday, Aidan threw only 78 pitches over seven innings, but he had pitched two innings in relief on the Thursday before. Those pitches had to be added onto Saturday's count which brought his grand total to 110 pitches. His coach informed me that 110 is the max a high school pitcher can throw over that amount of time.

The reason for that rule is to keep coaches from over using a pitcher. Throwing too many pitches can seriously injure a kid's arm. Even in the major leagues, coaches watch pitch counts closely. Plus, their starters only pitch every four or five days during the season.

Thanks for the info Charlie, I was wondering the same thing.

Good info. See that's what I get for not having a kid in sports. Stupid me Smiley-laughing

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