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Feb photo contest of a real character the good, the bad, the ugly

Feb photo contest of a real character  the good, the bad, the ugly

A while back there was this really good character Uwe who stopped by the ugly character's house to drop off a bad character.  Uwe's friend from Germany was over visiting.   Then again, that wee short one can be good, bad, and ugly any given moment.  Just depends who he is with and what he wants.


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That's a nice pic Randy! I think the one with the character is Roadie??? orrrrrrrr... Smiley-winkLol

Oh dear!!!
I see Uwe!!!
Is he still alive??? Is he REAL???

Uwe... If You can hear me... Answer!!!

Answer my prayers...

 photo sparta_zps0d73bf99.jpg

..For God´s sake!!

Don't know Marek, that photo is back a couple of years. Hope so, we need the man to fix the photo album uploader.

Nice pic Randy ... where have you been hiding it?

just going through some of my old photos in the old laptop and deciding which to put into the new one.

Randy, thought it was a god pic. Don't know what the hell Marrek is trying to do?

Allen, you must realize that Uwe (the tall one) is the reason this site exists. He is the behind the scenes programmer. He was part of the CCC start up. Uwe is the old, old, old timer of the site (he goes back 14 years. Marek is 6 going on 7 years on the site. There are a number of members who used to be on the site quite regularly when I first joined are very seldom seen now. Just as in life, people come and go. Some more prominent in your life. Uwe is the prominent one for this site. If you have time, go back to the beginning of the pics and videos. Some really great history, some things have changed, then again, others haven't.

Allen, don't try to figure out what Marek does, Just enjoy and go with it. He has not been right since winter set in...

Valerie, he is like that in the summer also.

True, but he hides it better when he can ride. Smiley-laughing

I don't know, I say it looks like the bad, the ugly and the uglier...

Who are we talking about, Marek or Roadie. Oops, could be me. I do remember telling my wife and daughter that I would probably turn into Grumpy if I did not get another bike when the Speedmaster was killed by Mother Nature. I didn't think about ugly since already there.

Nice Pic and words in short about the history of the site! Smiley-laughing
And again... who is Normal?
I sure don`t wanna be boaring Normal !
Life`s too short !
Better try to be plain Kind ! Smiley-wink

Normal, normal, normal, normal, normal, normal, normal........ Please, can anybody explain what that word means? Smiley-laughing

Gert. I believe it would mean to conform with the majority.
The problem is that the majority is static not fixed,so even if you wanted to be part of the majority depending on the place and time you probably would not manage it

Normal is a setting on the dryer.

And Gert, if you are sitting on the dryer, you are not normal.

Not even normal


Randy ditto your remarks above. I do think that w the emergence of the FB platform that our site has become rather a legacy item. Yet as you say if folks read backwards there are some great people and postings to peruse.

Funny as you said in another post, you could begin reposting your older posts and pics and theyd all be new to most of the current membership, lol.

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