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A few days away.

A few days away.

Coz and I spending a few days away up the coast in the car.


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I was wondering why it was quiet around here. Smiley-wink

Thats what I thought Terry... no strange sounds at the moment!

Get the Police back from leave. We’re home.

Been their, nice place to get away for a few days. And close enough.

Always good to get away from the POLICE..

Yeah Wayne. Can I get them to visit you instead of bothering me all the time?

Back in the day it was a daily routine for me. It took the Marines to get me squared away. I don't miss those days. That was back when I was the smartest guy in town..

I’m happy with the dull life. I do get visited by the police about 5 days a week....when my police woman niece stays with us.

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