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A Few Pics at the Snake 421 Run

A few of the shots at our Snake 421 run. All had a great time and we are now planning a run to Chattanooga Tn in September !



Very cool photos JW!

Roadie sure is a different wolf. Normally you would find a hog wanting to be anywhere near a wolf. Too bad I couldn't have been there.

That isn't Roadie. That is RJ and Hambone. They are the official mascots of the Southern rides !

Very nice pics showing a great ride.

Got some great captures of a good time.

Great pictures. I haven't been on that run will have to do that. Thanks!

Thanks James ..... great pics. Wishing I was a able to have a return engagement in the US .... maybe next year!

that was a good running area Peter. We may do the Northeast Georgia mountains next year.

Jerry , that is some good running roads . US58 has been refinished and is REALLY good to run. There are a couple SHARP uphill switchbacks between Shady Valley Tn and Mountain City Tn.

Great pics J W!!!!

Looks like a great day out on 2 wheels!

Great pics James. Had a great time and glad l met all of you. Definitely will have to meet up again. Danny.. next time we should set up for some music playing. Just be forwarned I compensate my lack of ability by fast playing and volume....which I think.we both.already talked about.

Sounds good Mark, I'll try finding a way to compensate for my lack of ability in the meantime. Smiley-laughing

Thanks James - will watch the evolving conversation about a run to Georgia next year with interest. In the meantime I will research location of major airports, bike hire places etc etc etc.I can feel another riding adventure in the USA coming on!!

That would be awesome Peter!!! I just got off the phone with James and he's going to put a post up under events soon. This area is only a couple hundred klicks away for me so I'm quite familiar with the area. The Georgia Dragon/129 is there and IMO is more fun than The Tail of The Dragon. There are many other mountain roads, waterfalls and scenic attractions as well. The place we're talking about staying is the condos at Bavarian Brook Rentals if you wanna look it up. This area is purdy much in my back yard so if I can assist you with plans in any way let me know.

Peter, you going to do two United State's adventures next year. Georgia Dragon and Sturgis 75th anniversary. I'll see you at Sturgis, but not rich enough to get to Georgia also. UNLESS I win the lotto sometime soon but haven't seen any flying pigs lately either

Those pigs are busy in the Southern Hemisphere Randy!!

No firm plans on my part at this stage - just early musing ..... but unlikely to do two trips to the US. Out of the two opportunities, my preference would be Georgia ...... not really keen on big gatherings like Sturgis.

I'm kinda with you Vardy, but I have to get to sturgis at least once and if I get a chance to meet a number of guys from the site here there, it will make it worth it. Besides, I probably have an easy ride and place to stay if I hook up with Scruffy and his friend Ron driving Ron's mobile home there pulling Scruffy's enclosed trailer and the bikes. Can't beat that with a stick. It's kinda of sad that I lived in South Dakota for 24 years, visit back home many a time, and have yet get to Sturgis at least once.

..... have to get to Sturgis at least once ..... good point there Randy .....

So Vardy, does that mean Sturgis next year and Georgia the year after that, maybe I can get to that one then. Nope won't work for me, gotta save some to get to Oz. Georgia run may have to wait until I get back from Oz trip

The way to do the big sturgeous/ Daytona events are to go a week or two early...The vendors are there..everything is up and running..still enough people to make it interesting ..and you I've found hotel rooms available and not at ridiculous pricing.

We plan on riding the Snake next week probably on Friday July 1101the.

looks like yall had a great time! yeeee haw!!!

It was a great run!!

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