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Finally got the Valkyrie converted over to the Dark side----Love it


Own Photo: 


Nice view mate

Be interested on mileage etc Larry. Just put new ME88's on mine.

I see you have the balls to ride her. lol

Is leaning into corners not quite what it was when new????

Yes PhilCole, I was wondering the same? That would be nice for all that fairly straight interstate riding etc, but around my area, there too many winding, twisty roads, that just beg to have the "lean on".

I don't think they run the same pressures as when on cars. Lower I think. Probably wouldn't be much different to tipping the 240 on the C109R into a corner.

OK so we have to have a conversation about balls on a Valkyrie....the Valk is a female guys. And we Valk guys ride the female Valkyrie. Do we get this? LOL Putting balls on a Valk is a sex change operation. Maybe your Valk needs some therapy about this!

Skeep.... Larry has fitted balls (left of pic) to the Valk.... I just have a ride bell hanging from my tow bar.

Looks kinda scary. Do we call you "Darth Scubad" now that you've turned to the dark side ?

Nice picture.... i too have taken a walk on the darkside.... so far so good!

To answer a few of the comments---I am still feeling around on the air pressure--I started out at 38--but have gone to 35 for now--haven't really had the chance to ride alot lately. Pulled my smaller trailer last week for about 100 miles and handled very well. After the first several times riding and after the first couple of turns on each ride---the turn or leaning difference just kinda goes away. If I don't really think about it--I don't notice it anymore. And for the "balls"---yes I know the Valkyrie symbol is the Lady---but--guys--anything that runs and handles like this thing does----just have to have BALLS!!! And to PhilCole--Really and truly----I don't really have an issue with the turns or leaning after the first couple of rides---I do notice more of a difference on a slopped road than in a turn. It tends to want to follow the slope more then the standard tire did.

Yeah Larry. I take a little distance to get used to putting the 240 on the rear of the C109R into corners after I've been out on the Valk for a while.

Congrads on the switching over. It's not for everyone, but for those that have switch, I have heard of few that have gone back. Just replaced my front again, and my back still looks as good as new. After 6 months of driving, I am sure it still feels a little stiff, but I would think that you have started to lose the conscious thought of riding dark. It's just the way you are now, second nature. Have you noticed the improved traction or the lack of tracking when riding along those "repairs" on the road?

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