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Finally another VTX Ride

Finally another VTX Ride

I got a chance to ride my VTX for the first time since April. The occasion was extra special having my two brothers on their VTX's along for the ride. We met up with friend who we all rode bikes with as teenagers. This was a reunion after some 45 years had passed since we last rode together. We rode 354 miles/569 kilometers that day.



That's cool just a short little ride. Nice to get together with your brothers and friends. Looking good there pal..

Oooohhh, 3 x VTX's together.... I would think I died and went to heaven..... Smiley-laughing
Sounds like a great get together with your brothers.

Always nice to see your VTX, Will.... kinda makes me wish I’d kept mine :(

Sounds like a great day was had TG.

45 years between rides together is a long time. At least you are all still riding that's great to see.

45 years is a very long time. How great this could happen after all those years!!!

Well done Will

A nice reunion with plenty to talk about with old mates. That's gold.

Great stuff mate ! Smiley-laughing
You don`t ride that VTX a lot then, but I hope you had a Great ride with your friends when you first did! Cheers !

Next time get together sooner then 45 years.
VTX's were one of the best bikes Honda built. Its a same they stopped making it.

Well Capt, it would be a bloody miracle if they could wait again for 45 years for the next meeting! LOL

Yep. Were all reaching the time when we wont buy green bananas.

Did I mention that our friend who joined us on the ride also rides a VTX1800C. Four VTX's together, two with Vance and Hines pipes and two with Cobra pipes made perfect harmony cruising down the highway. Smiley-laughing

A really great occasion. Can't get much better than that.

"You meet the nicest people on a Honda!" (Honda VTX that is...)

Great way for a reunion.

It is always great to have those sorts of reunions - Glad you had a Great Time .....
Cheers & Ride Safe....

What a difference a week can make, last Saturday the weather felt like the middle of July. Today it has been all clouds, rainy and cold. That was a special ride that may have to last me for a while. Smiley-laughing

We've had similar weather here. Haven't ridden for 3 weekends.

have a VTX1800R (2003) and love riding it...carry on brother...put some miles behind you!

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