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FINALLY got the family together!

FINALLY got the family together!

After many more months than I had anticipated, I finally got a chance to run back to Oklahoma (from Atlanta) to pick up the 2 bikes I purchased last summer! I brought back the '05 Rebel for my wife (I gave her a photo of it for her birthday in November!), and the '04 Shadow Aero750 as my "project bike" that I am earger to work on to use as a commuter. Some previous owner completetly jacked up the electric/wiring system trying to add too many LEDs, extra running lights, etc. without knowing what they were doing. The battery is literally melted into the battery box. More details to come.

Not the best pic, but left-to-right are the Rebel, the Shadow, and my VTX. Together at last.



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Good looking bikes. Nice shot

Wise move getting her a bike. Have fun redoing the Aero, should be able to find a used wiring harness. Yell if I can help you find anything.

That's what I call MBS! Great shot Alex. I'm wondering about your wife's face when she can see her bike and birthday present for the first time in real... Lots of work with the Shadow, please keep us posted how the project go's!

Hail Hail The gangs all here !!Nice

Just remember the Rebel is for her. You may be tempted to steal it to commute on for that super mileage it gets. Although if you commute requires speeds above 50 mph, you might want to continue on the Aero project. I have had the Rebel up to 65 mph for a short distance, but wouldn't want to ride to far that way. One is it doesn't fit me properly. I actually ride on the pillion seat and lean forward like a cafe racer.

Nice set of bikes.

Yeah good luck Alex with the Shadow sounds like you have your work cut out for you. Your wife will definetly have a smile on her face.

Have fun with the new toys. They look good.

Nice lineup

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