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Finally Retired

Finally Retired

Friday was my last day after being in the workforce for 54 years. Unfortunately health was a contributing factor for my leaving but it worked out well as my employer was looking at reducing staff due to the downturn in manufacturing.
For the last 12 months I've had problems with my knees and had one arthroscopy with no improvement.
The pain is beyond the joke now and after specialist, physio and hydro treatment, I will be booking in tomorrow for bilateral knee replacement.
The only thing I can still enjoy is riding, as there is no load on the knees except when stopped etc.
I'm hoping to have the procedure within the next month and I will be out of action for about 3 months.
So I will have plenty of time to keep up with my friends on the CC site.




Now the busy times will start Terry. Be prepared for the long list of wishes your lovely wife will give you from all kind of things she wants you to do... LOL I really hope the operation on your knee will give you the same result my father in law had with his knee operation. Within a few month after the operation he was walking again without any pain. He's back on the paddle bike again, he really can do everything he did before... Good thing you go for the operation at the end of the season, so you're all prepared and ready when the new Australian season starts... Congrats with your retirement, 54 years seems enough to me isn't it? Enjoy Terry. First a few difficult months because of the operation, but when that's all behind you, I want to wish you many more beautiful and healthy years to enjoy to come!

Thanks Gert. Yes,Mrs Tezza has a 3 page list of jobs for me to do around the house. I've already started on the easy ones till I find out when my operation is to be done. I'm having both knees replaced so I'll have to take it easy.

I have several friends that have had knee surgery. They all say it was the best thing they ever did for them selves. Tim was out only 5 weeks and went back to work. He even walks straight now. Congrats on your retirement, hope you have many long rides and honey do's as I do. Pace yourself you have along time to complete those honey do's.I have been on the dole for 10 years now and still have that list. Happy retirement

Thanks Wayne. I can't wait to get them done.

All the best for everything that lies ahead Terry. Look forward to riding with you ... PENSIONERS ROOOL!!

Congrats on your retirement. Sorry to hear about the knees, that must suck. 3 months, your wife has to make a huge list, for when you recover. Wishing you all the best with your surgery and retirement

Ah! Now comes the adjustment period when you realize that you can head out at 9:30 am and the traffic has thinned out. You can use your Senior discount at the movie matinees and see the first run shows without the crowd. You can schedule appointments to meet your timetable. You can stop and look at whatever strikes your fancy and take those roads you've been curious about. And if like me you're still a kid at heart, then it's like skipping school without the worry of being caught.
I wish you a speedy recovery and a joyous retirement.

Very cool Terry, except for the knee thing. Now you have all the time in the world to do all the things you want to and when you want!! All the best for a speedy recovery and your retirement!!

That's the bitter in retirement, your health is on a downhill slide. Ride while you can, those days will be behind you at some point. No chasing skirts and corvettes, that's a younger mans game.

Wish you well on the knee surgery. I see many a patient at the hospital having them done. My mother had one done at the age of 76. It was basically bone on bone with no cartilage in between. Enjoy the retirement.

Thanks for the wonderful comments guys.
I really appreciate it.

Congrats Terry. I know its been long awaited. I plan to follow the rest of you pensioners Dec. 31 2017. Oh, Thank God !
Best of luck on the knee rebuild. I know a few that have been there done that. And where glad they did.

Good luck mate!
I will bring the beer for the recovery period! Smiley-laughing

Congrats on your retirement mate and look forward to seeing you with those bionic knees!!!

Congratulations on retiring! And you will never regret getting knee replacement surgery. My 81 year old mother had hers done back in October, and she's getting around very well 4 months later - pain free. For a young guy like you, it should be a breeze!

Congrat's Terry. Time has caught up. Great innings 54 yr's. Time for the government to give something back to the workers of Australia. And now it is time to relax put your feet up and plan some rides. Hope the operation goes well. I'm sure it will. I know friends that have had it done, both that is, and they are so happy now. Short pain for a lot of gain.

Raymond, all true till the honey do's start coming in, lol

Thanks again guys. My op is penciled in for 22nd March. I can't wait so I need to get some rides in before the big day.
I'm sure the Aussie locals will be keen.
Thanks Steve for your nice gesture.

Too bad I can't get there sooner than planned, someone needs to keep your bikes ridden while you recover.

Congratulations on the retirement Tezza, albeit under less than favourable circumstances.
Enjoy the quiet time and get that bloody knee seen to. If you run out of things to celebrate, give me a call. I can always find a reason for a beer!!!!!!!!!!

No! Don't do it Tezza .... he'll come back east again to haunt all of us !!!!

Rack off Noddy!!!!!!!!!!

Get back in your box Big Ears !!!!

You retired old dole bludgers are a bloody rude bunch!!!!!!! When Have I ever picked on your ears???? Leave my ears alone. I have had them a long time and have grown to like them!!!!!!

'Noddy', 'Big Ears' what next the Flower pot men.....!!

Best wishes in retirement AND recovery! Hope both go very well.

Congrats on the retirement Tezza well done and once those knees are like new again there'll be no stopping you. I hope it will be a huge success and a quick recovery.

Thanks guys. I should be ready for Wild hogs 8.
Thanks noddy and big ears. Don't make me laugh too much. It hurts. Smiley-wink

Congrats Tezza. Now, you need to ride at every opportunity till your surgery. Call if you need a hand with anything (except Julie's "to do" list). If I'm around and not attending my own ever increasing medical appointment list, I can help out.

Thanks Al. I may need someone to bring me home from hospital when I find out the release date.
I'm hoping the weather is fine this weekend for a ride.

Let me know man. I will, if I'm around.

For any of the older riders having knee problems, check this out...... doesn't show how they deal with my titanium plate.

Maybe amputation at the neck Al. Smiley-laughing

I'll hold him down Tezza. You do the sawing!!!!!

As long as he doesn't have titanium in his neck as well.

Nah!!! There's nothing solid above the neck.

Great to hear about your retirement tezza and I think great to hear your finally going to get some new body parts . Like Spratty said , there'll be no stopping you when you get back on the bike again .
If you need any help with anything mate just pick up the phone .

Tezza, with the number of tests etc I've had in the last 14 days, maybe amputation at the neck might be a good solution.
Good luck wuth the surgery when you get it done. Any dates yet?

Thanks guys.

Al, 22nd March confirmed.

Congratulations on your retirement Tezza
You'll be running around like an 18 year old before you know it with the sound affects of the bionic man.

Thanks Matt. Smiley-laughing

4 DAYS left. BUT who's counting right..

Scruffy, he's already pulled the plug.....but his knee op is coming up soon.

Good luck for the op Tezza. Away to Sunday arvo next week but call after that if you need a hand.

He wont need a hand. He'll need a leg!!! I laughed and I laughed and i laughed. Some days i just crack me up.

Don't quite your day job Phil, you'll never make the comedy circuit.

At this moment. 2 days 20 hours. 37 minutes and 10 seconds. Smiley-wink

Way to go Tezza. But don't know that I'd keep that kind of time, lol


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