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Finally A Ride

About 6 weeks since my last ride and I was itching to get out. A Kik converstion with the gang had a few of us keen for a mystery ride.
Meeting at Russell St. Maccas 9am yesterday, Paul suggested the old service station turned pie shop at Bargo.
Bill was the ride leader because his knowledge of back roads is unrivalled.
A great day was had by all.



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Looks like a great day tezza , bugger I missed it !
The good news is the laundry is done , finally !
I'm up for a bloody ride Saturday and Sunday , its been 6 weeks for me by then too tezza ! lol .

Looks like it was a top day, good to see your all out and about.

Hey Tezza It's like the cruisin never stopped, just on a bigger Island but with more familiar natives that speak ur lingo...Lol

Nice line up of bikes. Looks like everyone had a good time. Glad you all were safe

Great day! Glad we got together for a therapy ride!

Nice line up. Glad you finally got a ride in.

How great is that.... One of these days I will ride with other people and see if I can remember how staggered formation works. LOL

I hear you Valerie, I ride with a group maybe once or twice a year, otherwise it is the lone wolf. Each has it advantages and disadvantages as there are 2 sides of the story in everything in life.
-thanks for posting the pics along with names and faces. Although I still probably won't remember them if I get over there to visit. Getting to the point I can't remember names of those I work with on a daily basis.

You will remember Valerie. I ride in groups more than by myself

I meed a sign that says "STUDENT DRIVER BEWARE". lol

Good roll up again. Sorry I missed out. Catch up next time. Was our nice old lady there again this time.

It was a great ride. Good to catch up as we haven't seen some of you guys for quite a while. Weather was good too. Thanks for the Kik.

Yes Ray, and Paul couldn't keep his eyes off her.

Staggered formation? Isn't that how you ride after a few beers?

Wouldn't know. Never drink and ride

Tezza you better tell Steve to look up the WHO website about Bacon and Sausages today, not good. Next time only eggs on toast. LOL.

Bacon wards off all types of evil as well Ray. :P

If those things don't get you, the crap we breathe in the air will.....or it will be death from undue stress.

Fantastic day for you Terry to say the least. Glad that you got out for that much needed ride. Great pictures....

Thanks guys for kind comments.
It was a ride that some of us had to have, and what a difference it makes to your day.

I'll join you next time Steve.

Me too !

A pie just wouldn't have cut it this time Ray.

Well..... I'll not be there to join in your next ride, but I'll be here to see those pics and vids made during your rides, and every time I see them I enjoy those few minutes watching it! So keep them coming and thanks again for let me "taking part" of you rides together!

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