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Finding some Shade...

Finding some Shade... the Shade Tree Saloon near Spring Branch, Texas.  

Been reaching 100˚F+ (38˚C+) as of late, making shade a precious commodity.  Luckily, we have places like the Shade Tree Saloon scattered about the beautiful Texas Hill Country with plenty of your favorite libation waiting on ice.



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They have great sandwiches also Smiley-laughing
Think I'm going to the Bluebonnet today for some pie

If you mean the Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls, then I'm green with envy!

That would be it Smiley-laughing Gotta love the pie

Another wonderful pic of Hildr! That Valkyrie looks good from all angles, Charlie.

Great photo! I love those pipes!

Yes the temps in Medford are up higher than usual, was 90 F the other day. Currently 84 F yet at 6:30 pm on June 6th.

Great temps, It was 85 today just perfect for painting the box van. Now I get to ride all day tomorrow.

Wonderful pic again Hildr, you have a special kind of eye for shooting this kind of pics....

Great shot as always.


With those temps, good luck turning your seat warmers off, lol. Nice pic

Looks like a great spot to grab a bowl of Blue Bell homemade vanilla ice cream. We don't have the Blue Bell brand here in my neck of the woods. Sad!

We are very lucky to have Blue Bell in these parts...and the Homemade Vanilla is my favorite!

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