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First day out.

First day out.

CoolTrue love in the eyes of the beholder. Yes, I love it. Formal Living Room will now have 2 drum sets add a Harley and tools. What more could a girl ask. Peace, Jules 


Own Photo: 


5 pics all the same . Did you get stuck LOL

To many beats per minute on the save button. LOL Years back, the Chief was in the living room and the BSA was in the bedroom.

If you don’t mind I just comment one because all 5 are the same!

Nice ride and even as I cann't see your smile I’m nearly sure it’s there... Enjoy your new ride and let’s hope for a long period of nice weather so the drums have a bit more space!

Welcome to the tribe Jules.
Enjoy your ride

Welcome from Medford OR Jules. I'd have my bike in the house also, but they wife says otherwise. Do you live in the northern states with lots of snow being first day out for the season or just a lot of other things going on?

Great bike the Fat Boy ... enjoy!

Great bike. Welcome to the site!!

No, Valerie she didn't get stuck. She was excited about having another bike

Welcome (as I said in discussions)! Great looking bike, be sure to post pics of your customizing you mentioned!! Enjoy!

Welcome from Missouri Jules, sleek looking Softtail Fat Boy Lo. Post often.

Sorry all, I thought my other pics were up...I was wrong.Tio Err is human to apologize once one finds out is fantastic.
A mon’s job is never easy. She has learned the mighty “Divide and Conquer” approach. We out smarted her for a bit.... Dangit, it worked for a day. Yes, it was the ask your dad and the ask your mom. Any suggestions most welcome.
Made a mistake, with the photo’s. Dropped my phone less than 2 feet and now it sounds like a Cracker Jack box, when shaken... Life is never dull.
Sorry, my bad.

Thank you all for having this site. If I take to long to reply, it’s due to 5 other’s that need my immediate attention. I’m a SAHM, Volunteer Medical researcher for Ophan Diseases, on the NORD website. Just to be clear, we only have one child. Guess what the 4 iothers Yes, I counted hubby 2X.

We train Chow Chows for Childern that have HIHA-GDH. Opposite of Diabetes with the inability of flushing out the liver hence the HA. Things money can’t buy, happiness, good health and Love. Things one can give away and still keep, your word and Love. Please add to this, knowledge can never be stolen from you, it’s yours forever. Shsring knowledge is wonderful thing.

Yes, I’m a philosopher of life. Make peace with your demons, once you do the demons have no power over you.
I’m an aspiring writer, I’ll get it right one day... Hope.

We are both nerds. I just think I’m cooler than he is... Not true tho, he has groupies. Yes, even nerds have groupies. Nerd groupies are the same sex..lmbo. Yes, I went there. Our child has no filter as in She speaks her mind and can’t lie to save her own life.

Ignorant people get under my skin and when I’m wrong I apologize. Like we all should do. I believe in giving people a hand up. Paying it forward is wonderful.

Always look for good and you’ll notice it changes others along this journey we call life.

We are all humans and therefore we are not perfect. How one deals with it is a sign of their character. My motto in life is be kind, never assume, share a smile and please don’t share your bad day with others, that’s just mean. IMO

I think humanity still has a chance, we just need to help each other more, not less ~Yours Truly~
The hottest fires in hell are reserved for those that remain neutral in times of moral crisis.
Nothing turns out to be so oppressive and unjust as a Feeble Government ~Edmund Burke~

Got it...see what happens when older people become parents? We lose gray matter faster... Peace, Jules

No worries, I’m glad you all pointed that out. Thank you, I hope I fixed it... help? Please...someone, anyone Smiley-wink

You’re both correct...lmbo...

Lovely write up on who you are and what you do. Sounds like a very busy life. Just remember one needs s bit of time for there own refreshment. for many of us that is getting out for a ride

I forgot 2 things, my bad. My daughter takes Diazoxide this is one. #2. How do I upload photo's from my tablet?
Thank you,

Upload a pic from your tablet? That’s easy. Go to Photo => upload => choose your pic to upload > give it a title => Mark the subject you want to post your pic, and make it done... that’s it. Just one by one pic is possible, so please don’t try the album because that doesn’t work anymore....

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