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First day out.

First day out.

CoolTrue love in the eyes of the beholder. Yes, I love it. Formail Family Room will now have 2 drum sets add a Harley and tools. What more could a girl ask. Peace, Jules 


Own Photo: 


5 pics all the same . Did you get stuck LOL

To many beats per minute on the save button. LOL Years back, the Chief was in the living room and the BSA was in the bedroom.

If you don’t mind I just comment one because all 5 are the same!

Nice ride and even as I cann't see your smile I’m nearly sure it’s there... Enjoy your new ride and let’s hope for a long period of nice weather so the drums have a bit more space!

Welcome to the tribe Jules.
Enjoy your ride

Welcome from Medford OR Jules. I'd have my bike in the house also, but they wife says otherwise. Do you live in the northern states with lots of snow being first day out for the season or just a lot of other things going on?

Great bike the Fat Boy ... enjoy!

Great bike. Welcome to the site!!

No, Valerie she didn't get stuck. She was excited about having another bike

Welcome (as I said in discussions)! Great looking bike, be sure to post pics of your customizing you mentioned!! Enjoy!

Welcome from Missouri Jules, sleek looking Softtail Fat Boy Lo. Post often.

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