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First meeting....

First meeting....

I finally met JJ (TumblinJ) for the first time face to face. LOL. 


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Do you think one of you could have ducked??? LOL

LOL. Why???

You both knocked your glasses goofy

That's normal. LOL.

Wow you two really need to see a better optometrist to fit your glasses

Glad you two got t meet. Always good to see CC'ers getting togethers

See the other 2 Val.

Its always good to meet friends in person after meeting online. Well almost always. I just met Roadie face to face and I'm regretting it. Cant wait to meet Capt Xero face to face now...

Yes Roadie is one of those you regret having met. A total free loafer.

So what did you guys do.... miscue when you hugged or when you kissed !!! LOL

You just wrote what I was thinking, Peter! Glad we get to see this and not while they are kissing eachother! LOL

Soo good to see you met eachother in real life! Sure you had a nice meeting..... I'll have to remember this when Wayne and I visit Bill

What??? We were just being normal. LOL.

If that's normal for you I now know how to handle when I meet you the first time Bill!!! Wearing safety gear and never take of my helmet!!! LOL

"Don't let the normal people scare you off" Hehehe

Glad you three got to meet. Always nice to see face to face. The net is one thing but having dinner and drinks for the first time is bliss.

I thought they were three, not two....

The stoogies I mean!!!!

 photo Jack-Nicholson-lol_zps42118c6c.gif

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