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First Ride For 2016

First Ride For 2016

It's Saturday 2 pm and I've finished my chores around the house then I get this strange feeling.
I ring cliffy and hint to him about a ride and he replies with "What time and where?". I give him the details then KIK the rest of the gang but unfortunately they were all busy except Raymond52.
We meet at Glenbrook servo then ride the Great Western Highway to Mt Victoria and stop at a nice little coffee shop for a chat etc.
We then travel along the Causeway to Bell then down along Bells Line Of Road then back home.
A great ride but cooler as we neared Katoomba. Not much traffic. A great finish to a Saturday.


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Great picture the weather was perfect for an arvo ride too.

Great pic Terry. What a fantastic way to start the new year! Here it's finally done with the riding season as winter started. It's just above zero degrees and raining.... Waiting months started by now.... Let's hope for a short winter!

Thanks for the prod Tezza just what I needed to recharge the motivation

Well done chaps!! You did better than my first ride for 2016!! Took the Norton out ... right rear indicator bracket cracked broke off ... and the indicator was hanging by a connector ... oh well, it is 41 year old metal that has been vibrated to death (literally!) ... and one of the gaskets I installed looks like it has pinched so the Norton 'marked its spot' wherever I parked. You gotta love old British bikes !!!!!!!

Lookin good guys!!!

Nice rides. Sounds like a good time you had. Glad you can get together and ride. Be safe

Nice Pic ! That`s the Way. Good on You ! Smiley-laughing

You said your ride got cooler near Katoomba, but probably not as cool as my New Year's ride. 4 C (40F) with 15-20 mph winds. Just say I'm glad I had my heated gloves one.

Glad you had a good ride ,wish I could but there is 6" of snow. Now I have to be content with enjoying the pictures and videos from you guys "down under"

We don't have snow. But it is cold

been rainin her for 2 days :(

That sucks Valerie

Great pic tezza , sorry I missed it mate . I'll definitely be up for the 2nd ride of 2016 .

Good day for a ride, I tried to get out on New Year's Day, but that didn't eventuate, so I got a very nice ride in on Saturday as well. Same as you very little traffic and perfect weather, it's been unseasonally cool here as well, not complaining though.

You could have had one this morning rain. I did a triathalon.
......on the Valk.

Okay, I'm officially jealous! We have a fair bit of snow on the ground and temperatures in the minus-teens (C). The forecast says I should be able to get the first ride of 2016 by about April. Good on you guys for what sounds like a nice way to start the new year!'s only about 25c today, overcast with rain forecast for the next few days.....

I'm Lucky just to get to the shop 75ft away. It's 19F with the sun out. Glad you got a ride in. It is going to be Feb before I get to. Randy 40 I'd be out riding every where.

Glad you guys got out!
I would've if I could've

Testing the beerability of the new deck?

No Mate, mowing lawns, rumbling grand kids after a week away.

Definitley just what the doctor ordered. Sorry about the cold weather and snow guys, hope its not too long before you get out and about again.

You guys keep us going, otherwise it would be a pretty miserable site with everyone bitching about not being able to ride, this way it is just a portion of us bitching. You will get your turn once we are back to riding.

well done lads. Next time!

Yeah, mee too hopefully Woodee.

Australia Day is coming up Al.

True. Might even have the Boulevard back on the road by then....or maybe a water scooter going on last year and the recent weather. Lol

Thanks Matt. I'm going to organise some more Saturday arvo rides so keep an eye out for some KIK messages.

Let's hope your winter season is short Gert.

Are you fully charged now cliffy?

Get that bike going Peter cause we hope to be heading down your way soon and would like to catch up with the Canberra guys.

Thanks Val, Allen, Arild, Randy, Bob, lendirk and scruffy.
We think of you guys when we do our rides and can't imagine the withdrawals you all go through.
We miss a couple of weeks and it's a disaster.

Hope all your chores are finished Steve. We have Australia Day coming up and hopefully we can do similar as last year. Hope all the gang are free for that weekend.

One of them will be Terry! Not here Aus Day weekend so don't come down then.

No Peter. We will be local.

Tezza, can we get some better weather than that winter stuff you organised last year? My leather gear has only just dried out.......
Vardy....RETIREMENT.....don't forget it's on your 2016 list!

Thanks for the reminder Al ... it's at the top of my "to do" list!

Lol. If you keep putting it off you'll hit age pension age.

I am scheduled to finish up by end April/early May.

Is it in writing? Blood? Lol

That must have been before the 4 days of torrential rain?

It sure was Steve.

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