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First Ride of 2019

First Ride of 2019

Did about 130 km on the Valkyrie today, after driving 290 km back from Medicine Hat, where we were for a memorial service. I took the Valk out of storage last week, and she was a little reluctant to start, so I was glad she seemed eager to go today. Burned off a lot of the fuel that was in the tank over the winter and she ran like a top! Next week I'm going to replace the timing belts and spark plugs. At the dealer, the job costs over $1,000. Doing it myself, and using Gates T275 Belts (made in the UK), parts and labour will cost less than $200. Hope she runs as well when I'm done.


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Glad you got out mate! That is a great photo.
I don't blame you for doing the timing belts yourself, I would do the same.

Glad you’re also out riding again. Here it was not a strong, but it was a long winter. I saw some of your comments, it was a strong winter in Canada isn’t it? Now let us enjoy a long summerseason Len!

Glad you got out Len. I don't blame you for doing the work yourself. I could be riding, but there is just too much gravel on the roads around here yet.

Good on you. Wish I had the technical nouse to do a job like that.

Great pic Len and good on you for doing your own maintenance.

Suppose things will be greening up soon!

I've also got new placement belts ready to install. Spark plugs, too.

Gonna adjust the valves, change the oil, clean the jets, then sync the carbs while I'm at it...should be ready to go for the rest of the year!

Hey Charlie, have you done your belts before? I have the maintenance and repair manual, and it has pretty clear instructions. Anything else I should know before I take that front cover off?

I never have issues as I never hibernate mine. Keep ethanol free fuel in them especially through the winter months. Only time ethanol gets in them is if I go on a trip and can't find a station that has ethanol free. Other than that, the shop does the work otherwise it would cost me 4 x as much.

Yup, I store mine away for the winter, covered, battery tender on, and fuel conditioner in the tank too, but a 20 year-old Valkyrie should probably have the timing belts changed (although Honda says they’re good for 100,000 miles) and, with six carbs, periodic synchronization is a good idea.

I have not done the belts. It's a 100,000 mile (160,000 km) scheduled maintenance thing. But, I figure it's about time due to age. I think the thing to watch out for is to keep cam gears aligned properly. Other than that, the procedure is fairly straight forward.

Good luck!

Good to see you out and about Len. Take your time with the maintenance and all will go fine.

Charlie, the most difficult part is keeping the crankshaft and cams lined up when you put the belts on. You need to pull them tight on the “taut” side (the side opposite the tensioners), because if they’re off by one cog, you’ll find that something will be out of line when you turn the crank the 90 degrees you’re supposed to to check it. Took me a couple of tries, because the new belts are a little stiff, but now she purrs! You’ll need a torque wrench and some red lock-tite, along with the belts. I used Gates T275 belts, made in the UK, available from Amazon ($33 per belt vs $105 each from local Honda dealer) the job didn’t actually take as long as the dealer quoted me, either!

GREAT STUFF - Many More Happy Miles .... Smiley-laughing
Ride Safe ...

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