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First ride


Great to hear from you (& see your gorgeous bike) again, oldschool! As you know, I've taken that old Rte 66 bridge many times!

A really cool pic, added to my favorites. Will try to add to my screensavers background slides.

I do know, Nomad!

Never tire of looking at that bike !

I'm guessing you had to move quick to get that pic from the middle of the road...outstanding!

Your ride puts the capital "C" in Customization. Smiley-laughing

Great photo! Great bike. Great to see you back!

Awesome pic. Bike looks great!

Hildr, I sat on the bridge waiting for the right moment... while I was getting off to shoot, a van pulled up a ways down the road and stopped. I don't know if they intended to go that way or not, but they turned off onto another part of the lake road. Its actually not that heavily traveled; it runs parallel to the "new" Route 66, which is where the heavy traffic goes.
But yes, I probably took the shot and got back on in under a minute .

That is one cool ride. Love it.

Very cool pic Paulie !
Great lookin` bike for sure !

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