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The first step is a doozy

The first step is a doozy

doubt that I would be getting this.   This is for those who are totally paranoid about their bike being stolen while they are sleeping.


28 Comments (other reasons listed as to why you should have this). Still not enough for me to consider buying it.

Lol !

Doesn't look stable!

You would need to park on concrete not dirt or you might find the step is very small.....

That tent must be bike specific. I see it has a pretty stable kick platform.

Can you leave it up if riding in the rain?

Watch out Steve, there's competition out there now. But where do you put the esky.

Can you imagine some one who is a restless sleeper with this?


Dare I say it ... only a BMW rider would accessorise with something like this!! won't fit your Cross Tourer?

Hah ... and then some!

I would need stairs to get in!!!

Out of curiosity I went onto their web site. I looked at the various posted comments from around the world. One of the very first posts was from none other than Uwe 999 of cruiser.mototribe.

And what did Uwe say about it?

He said :

US: "Uwe999" on
"first impressions is OMG - is this a joke? I would like to have a good time. Personally, I do not like to camp when I ride because I like a hot shower and a nice bed after a hard day of riding. "

I agree with him.

I was wondering about the..."I would like to have a good time"......the other thing that would concern Uwe is his legs getting wet when it rained. The tent doesn't look long enough for him.

LOL... He could stick his head out instead of his legs and he would have a free shower while sleeping during the rain Al! What about that?

Good fo r the environment....saves water.

Is that any thing like jumping off the boat getting out soaping up and jumping back in?

That might work good if only you were 3foot tall. I would have to say NO on that . I'm not the camping guy I'm with Uwe.

We a camper trailer with a queen bed. Got it out yesterday to do a little maintenance for our 2 weeks away next month. Might hitch it to the Oldwing this time.

C`mon! Smiley-wink
Tent on the grown !!!! (a Good quality one )
Isolated sleeping pad, sleeping bag and a camp stove.
Light travel and as primitive as possible without sacrificing the warmth and the dry. Smiley-wink
This make me appreciate and enjoy the luxurious life I am having all the rest of the year.
Might have a couple of not so sleepy nights at the first , but well worth.

I would still be sleeping on the ground in a tent but the boss has back problems.

I'm busy the whole freeking year to make our house as comfortable as I can, that's why I always ask myself going with my tent. Why? Why am I go camping and sleeping on a 2cm matras when I have holidays? LOL

I had our camper trailer out on the weekend. Needed to repair the hinges on the bed and Coz had a few little jobs she wanted to do. All done. Ready for a couple of weeks use next month behind the Oldwing.

Lol Gert ! Smiley-laughing Must be something from the far past ( stoneage) still active !
Sounds Great Al! Enjoy !!

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