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First Winter Ride

First Winter Ride

On Saturday afternoon Tezza sent out a message via "KiK" to the local CC members for short ride to "Bilpin" in the Blue Mountain of New South Wales.
We all met up at the local Pub at 9am on Sunday morning leaving around 915 for a refreshing ride in temperatures between 8°C & 15°C.
Once at BILPIN we all enjoyed a Coffee and some breakfast before returning home by 1230pm.
The Photo is of Tezza & Mike having a chat as well as bikes owned by Tezza, MikeMLC, Rayond52, AussieSteve & my own



Own Photo: 



It was a good morning ride but bloody COLD!

Nice pic. Any snow up in the mountains?

about 1/2 hour away in Hampton and Oberon.

It’s nice you can still ride in the winter. Glad you all had a good time

Good shot! Nice line-up of bikes and of CC members!

Looks more like late summer yet. Temps aren't too bad, just need to dress for them. Heck, I'll probably be seeing those temps in the early mornings on my trip to Eureka Springs in 2 days, but the highs may be more like 30-38 C

Bracing temps, especially for you guys without screens. I know as I haven't yet put the screen back on the Vulcan and it's a bit fresh indeed. Especially today with a morning temp of 2°c hence why I didnt ride to work.

That is fresh Dave.
I prefer to ride without a screen most of the time.

Yeah it will take some getting use to, I think I prefer a screen though. Interesting though it makes the bike appear much smaller than what it is.

It’s what should be mid summer here but the temps last few days are about the same you have... 18 degrees in the afternoon. They promised mid twenties later this week so let’s see?!

Nice and fresh ride. Good to see you guys making those nice rides together!!!

Few weeks to go and I’ll meet Marek again, this time just for a few days going to Sweden by plane but that doesn’t matter.... we’ll see eachother again instead of only talking to eachother using Skype! If the weather is good enough we can go for some rides as I can use Dana’s bike... cann’t wait for it!!!

It is soo cool to be able to do some rides with good friends!!! Great pic Matt...

Sorry I couldn't make it. On the way home from Toowoomba/grand daughter visit. Only 2C Sunday morning.

The weather was much better up your way than down here in Canberra, I couldn't imagine anything tempting me to go riding in sleet and rain...glad you guys manages to get out, nice photo.

A nice ride but cold and very windy. (Not me) Smiley-wink
We did notice that Autumn had finally finished it's job as the colours of the trees were awesome.

We have a heat wave here at the moment. Sunday was 27C and today was 30C. Expecting more of those temps for this week anyways.

That's a bit warm Bill but not bad when riding.

I wish our hottest temps would only be 30 C but we get up to 35-40 C pretty consistently in July and August. then again our coldest in the winter is above 0 C most of the time.

Was a nice day out only got cool once we got to our destination more the wind factor. But a hot coffee and a bacon and egg roll sure did the trick.

Totally agree Ray. Bacon and egg roll was as good as the ones on our wild hogs trips.

I just got home from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. It was an unreal 36C for that far up north.

Wind, wind, wind and showers here Bill. The start of the summer and only 17 degrees here... enjoy that great weather you have my friend!!!

You guys should come down here for a ride - MINUS -7.6*C here this morning .... Just a little too damn cold for this little black duck ... Great to see you guys getting out and about - Smiley-laughing
Cheers & Ride Safe ....

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