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Fischer Store

Fischer Store

Ridden by this store dozens of times, even taken pictures, but it has always been locked up.  So, I had to stop in when I saw the doors open.

Met the owners inside who also happen to be direct descendants of the Fischer brothers who were German immigrants settling here in 1853.  The Fischers established a mercantile business after the Civil War and this building was built in 1902 by two of their sons.  As the mercantile business thrived, this building was also the post office, the bank and the local saloon.  Right around the corner is the Fischer Dance Hall and Bowling Alley built by the community just before the turn of the century.  They are still in operation to this day.  As a matter of fact, the Dance Hall was hosting a wedding as I rode past after leaving the store.

The current Fischer Store owner/descendants only come in on weekends and live over in Kerrville.  Inside the store, it's a combination museum, nick nack store and conversation piece.  I ended up buying a t-shirt.

All in all, a great day of riding with some good conversation thrown in and plenty goofing off time...



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It's a great thing that you see things from your bike that people in cars never seem to notice.

Sounds like a cool place to visit.

Hildr, always seams to find great photo opportunities

Looks and sounds very interesting. Hildr is look might fine too

Great story, and another beautiful (and interesting!) shot of your Valkyrie, Charlie!

Always love the stories behind the pics.

I have never seen it open

Another stop and smell the roses moment. I often wonder in a 100 years if such experiences will be had, we just could be the last generation that are curious enough to investigate history.................

Always nice to know about the story behind the pic and most of the time you tell us some.... nice shot!

Another fantastic pose and story with Hildr. You mentioned Kerrville, does Mooney still have any aircraft manufacturing going on there? I heard that China bought the company.

Great pic and story behind it

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