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Fishtails for Indi

Fishtails for Indi

After saving for 2.5 years I've finally purchased & fitted some Fishtail mufflers to my Indian Chief Vintage




They look cool. How do they sound?

According to the BYB
They are loud and make the windows shake lol

I'll try and load a clip later

They look excellent! Nice upgrade, Matt

Those fins look great!

Look great Matt ... nice and clean too ... LOL !!

Look great, but I would be afraid of dragging them

Valerie that would only occur if he is doing wheelie's down the road.

No I know someone that has them and they drag when she goes into driveway that's on an uphill incline

Awesome touch Matt, that looks worth the financial planning. Smiley-laughing

Valerie, did your friend have them installed upside down? My truck stacks on the Valkyrie stick out farther than Matt’s Fishtails, and they’ve never dragged. What kind of bike does your friend have? Maybe the exhaust position is very low to start with?

She has a soft tail and now that you mention it I do think hers are on the other way around. Let it to Harley to put them on wrong. Another reason I do my own work

I have a buddy who has a 2009 Heritage Softail with true dual fishtails, and he hasn’t had a problem..... he also does his own work Smiley-laughing

All class Matt !

Looks great Matt!

Very nice addition...they look great !

They look great Matt.

They look great!

Well you were right Val today I took Indi on a ride with a few local members and coming out of the drive way the left pipe did scrap.
So it's something l'll have remembe.

Awwww so sorry. Hope you doesn't mar it to bad

All good Val

Oh good

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