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Five dog night!

Five dog night!

Beachy and I moved into our new house this week, and introduced our 'blended family' of dogs to each other. After a hard weekend of moving one house, starting to unpack and starting to sort out the shed, you can see that all the dogs (and Adrian) have settled in really well Smiley-wink
Now we still have Adrian's house and shed to pack up and move !


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Lol awesome Pic, Annie.
Wishing you both the best.

That's what I look like after amber liquids hit.

I'd say there all DOG tired, mighty effort it's certainly hard work moving, good luck with the rest of the move.

I know why at least one of the dogs is sleeping on the sofa, Beachy's foot is sleeping( and most likely smell's bad) in the dog basket! LOL!

Is that why they call it the dog days of summer?

"Move over little dog, a big dog's moving in."

Hard to motivate and get him moving Annie and a bad influence on the rest of the pack. lol

Beachy you are not going to fit in that dog bed... I promise.... LOL Nice pic Annie

Leader of the pack .....!

Poor things!!!! (inclusive Adrian)

Good shot ... good luck with the rest of the move.

Very nice pic...looking pretty tired. Congrats again on the new house...

I tell ya, it was a bloody long week end but we got a lot done considering the time frame. I just have to get some gear from my house now, mostly shed stuff, and bring up the bikes. Annie is a bit of a slave driver at times, but its worth it Smiley-wink

I see a theme with these photos, Beachy and dogs asleep, you not.

You're wearing him out Annie. He needs all the rest he can get so he can move his shed stuff. Smiley-wink

The task master never sleeps Norman, she is planning the next days work ...... for US.

Tezza, I have a very stressful day planning where the bike parking and bike work area was going to be and then planning out the blacksmiths workshop. The dog had no excuse!

Great photo Annie!
Adrian, back to work!

Its a hard life. I know the feeling.

Hard to tell the alpha in that shot.

The Alpha is awake taking photo's of her pack!

Very observant Glenn Biggrin

Hey Annie , by the looks of the pic Beachy's got one foot in the dog box already.

One foot's OK Nobby! Smiley-wink
(Don't tell Beachy that though!)

"It's been a hard days night and I've been working like a dog."

Beetles classic Spratty .

LOL! Thanks Annie, I know how it is...

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