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Flat Tyre

Flat Tyre

Dirt roads and picked up a piece of wire, plugged it up and on my way in about 20min



You did the job really fast Spratty! Dirt roads for Km's and Km's. I just can't imagine how that would be to ride those roads. We just have a few of them and even then, they are just for a few hundred meters...

Gert probably did about 60km of dirt today, good dirt average about 60kmh

All part of the adventure !!

Gert ... dirt can be lotsa fun ... on the right bike ... and Spratty's got the right bike!

Well done! Did you have to take the bag off for the repair?

Yeah Steve just to get to the valve, you wouldn't beleive it but the tyre pressure monitor light came on after I heard a strange noise and when i stopped there it was dead centre in the tyre right where i needed to get to it.

Sorry about the flat. But 20 minutes not bad timing at all

I would be up a creek. I have no idea how to fix a flat

Great work Spratty, 20 min's must be a record. Let's hope that's the worst of it.

No Valerie, you would NOT be up a creek unless you were riding in the creek. Most likely parked beside the ride with a thumb out.
Glad you were prepared.

Valerie ... with all the touring you do you should look into simple puncture repairs. You will need two basic items ... and at most three, to keep you on the road or to get you to a tyre repairer.

First, a puncture repair kit. There are many on the market but they basically do the same thing ... enable you to insert a "plug" into the puncture without taking the tyre off.

Second, a mini high pressure compressor that powers off your bike battery, to inflate the tyre after you've plugged the puncture. Some puncture repair kits have little compressed air "bombs" which screw onto your valve and inflate the tyre but I have found that they only do a partial job. You will also need a pressure gauge to make sure you reach the correct pressure.

Third, and completely optional as it is a matter of personal peference, an aerosol of "goo" to pump into your tyre to seal the puncture from the inside. Mixed views about this.

These are personal views and not all readers will subscribe to my suggestions.

What do you reckon Vardy should I get it mushroom plugged repair in Hobart at $70 or just stick with it as is

I cary a can of fix a flat but the other stuff sounds good

Spratty ... depends on how the repair looks (does it look like it has sealed) and are you losing any air over a 24hr period (through the full cycle of riding and overnight parking). For peace of mind though and so as to not bugger up a dream tour, $70 is not much to pay. That said, I repaired an elliptical tear (couldn't use a plug) in the rear tyre of my XTourer, with Rapid Fix two part glue about 6,000kms ago ... and it's still going strong ... no leakage at all!!

I carry a can of slime and a battery powered air pump. Never had to use...thank the bike gods.

Vardy yeah holding air fine and pressure rising with riding according to the tyre pressure monitor so I'll stick with our repair until I get home

Sounds like a plan !

The flat sucks, but glad you got 'er fixed.

Vardy, that glue sounds awesome! "Where do ya get it?"

It is Steve ... I now carry it as a standard item in my touring tool kit ... along with the zip ties, gaffer tape and roll of wire! In addition to my puncture repair my riding buddy on The Lap used it to repair a broken hand guard (after a fall). The temporary repair got him from mid-NSW to Cairns where he replaced the hand guard.

I bought it from a specialty tool shop called Specialty Fasteners but have also seen it at some auto part stores. Have a look at their You Tube videos. Amazing stuff.

Don't forget the duct tape, small hose to siphon gas, and some long zip ties (never know when you have to tie someone up for messing with your bike). The two key differences between these tapes have to do with the tape's backing/carrier and adhesive. Gaffers tape is a vinyl-coated cloth tape with a matte finish, so it doesn't reflect light. By contrast, duct tape is polyethylene-coated cloth, which makes it shinier.Apr 23, 2015

You are correct Randy .... duct tape as well! I have a bag of 300 assorted zip ties. I only used the smaller ones to secure my windscreen when the bolts vibrated loose and fell out.

Is that 200 mph duck tape?

Duct tape works wonders in emergencies. And not just on the Red/Green show either. LOL.

Best use of duct tape in that link was hiding what we call plumber's crack !!

The repair man for our fireplace probably wishes he would have thought of that or wore a longer tailed shirt. Booger give him a good surprise when he stuck his cold wet nose there.

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