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Fly me to Eureka Springs

Fly me to Eureka Springs

My 8 year old niece and her dad, (my brother) took a flight to the Florida beach for the weekend. I think that getting her hands on the controls of a Boeing 737 has given her some new aspirations.
The Eureka Springs gathering is just days away, my wife and I are looking forward to the getaway.




Kids now days.... My parents plans for me were marriage & Kids. There was no value in an educated woman. Times sure have changed

Looking forward to meeting you guys

The sky is not the limit ... all strength to your niece!

You could have a future pilot on hands she really looks like she is having a fabulous time

Future pilot.

Great pic! My wife & I are also looking forward the Eureka Springs trip, and to get to know you guys!!

What a happy girl. Looks like she is having a lot of fun with those controls. NO limits just the sky.. I'll see you and your wife at the party..

If I were a rich man, I would learn to fly a helicopter and plane to get to my hideaways.
I here there is a shortage of pilots.
Looking forward to meeting you at Eureka Springs.

TG if she has any of your genes I'm sure she will be flying and riding as well. What a beautiful smile love the hair do.

She looks very happy. I would too being able to sit in the pilots seat.

Yep, And I work with female captains too. Now you done it She's going to be the next pilot in the family.

This reminds me. There is a photo (1999) of me sitting in the LH seat of a 737-200 urging Mike to get them to push it away from the gate.

She is having a great time .... good to see kids smiling these days .... Future Pilot maybe ?
Cheers - Take Care & Ride Safe .....

Not what you know but who you know TG , great pic . Not something you can get to do this day and age .

Yeah Nobby, the first officer is in the right seat next to her. He removed clutter of paper departure charts from the left yoke and center console for a cleaner photo.

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