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Found on table when I came home from work

Found on table when I came home from work

The other day I was the silver fox. Now a chrome dome. Tried saying my hair color was chrome at the DMV when updating license but they would not allow it



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They just don't get it. To work at MD DMV you have to been let go for poor customer service at another job.

I went in one day to renew my tag for the 1995 utility trailer and asked for a historic tag. The person behind the counter got pissed!

Randy, A chrome dome down here is a baldy.
Capt, our version of your DMV in our local town is quite good. The vehicles have to be 30 years old to get historic rego in Oz, I have 2 bikes in that category.

Steve ours is 20 years. and every state is different set of rules.
After wile it becomes entertainment to piss them off. Apparently, Only motorized vehicles get historic tags.

Non motorised vehicles down here (horses? push bikes-begrudgingly) don't have to have rego.
It hear you with state by state (county by county) rules up there blew our minds both times we went there, taxes, drinking alcohol etc.

No doubt!! .

Here it's 30 years and you can get a antique plate. On a motorized vehicle. Trailers are not included The tabs are any where from 25-75 $$ each year for your trailer. My backhoe trailer is $37. The one I tow behind my bike is $65 go figure.. If I lived in OR trailers need no tabs until a specific weight. Every state has it own system and fees and no two are the same.

What about drivers licence?
If you lose your licence in NSW it applies country wide.If I lose my car licence, the bike and boat goes with it.

That applies in the states too. 12 points on your license will get it revoked. So then you see some one on a 50CC motor scooter riding on the shoulder. We call them 12 pointers. In MD 50cc doesn't need a license.

We have 12 points as well. We did have the 50cc thing here as well but they changed it because 12 pointers were putting engines on push bikes and riding on the shoulder of the freeway. Now, anything with an engine has to be registered and a licence is required.
Additionally, we can be booked for drink driving on any mode of transport, even a ride on lawn mower or horse.

I think I have herd of this in Texas. The chap was to drunk to ride a horse.

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