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Friday Happy Hour

Friday Happy Hour

Not even a hospital could stop the traditional Wild Hogs Friday Happy Hour.
Thanks to the boys, we had our usual Friday ramblings etc. and I must say that they were on their best behaviour. ;-)
Thanks guys.




COOL. Now you can be the $6 Man. LOL. Looking good mate.

nothing like a good support system there Tezza. Heal quickly

Thanks guys. It's good to have backup.

How long do you have to stay in the hospital Terry? When is the next Friday Happy Hour at your home again?
Great pic!

Next Friday at his usual residence Gert!
I smashed a few beers when I got home after this visit.

Haha... No beers allowed in the hospital? What kind of a nurse is working there, I mean.... She made you guys afraid enough to listen to the rules!!! LOL

Cheers Steve! Let them taste well!

LOL bloody great pic...mates thats the way...heal quick young man.

Sorry Steve ... Paul has aced you on the selfie stakes! Great pic.

Keep up the good progress Terry !!

Another great photo, it's deja vu! Hope you are up & dancing (ok, riding) soon.

Is Tezza pissed AGAIN???????????

Happy hour alright they pumped that much Morphine into you Tezza you didn't know who was who. Well done mate speedy recovery' hope to see you soon back in the saddle.

Great support system you've got there. Get healed up and riding again fast

Hope you have healed by now mate I-m so happy

Getting there dood. Another 4 weeks and I hope to be on the bike. But playing it safe though.

Good to hear mate I-m so happy

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