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Garage angle

Garage angle

Sitting in the garage having a few quiet bourbons while the wife and her 10 girlfriends are having a get together in the house and there's no way I'm getting involved in that


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In other words, you are hiding !! Good move

Too right....and i'm running low on Bourbon. lol

Smart man!!!

Yes, I would too, 2 women ok, but 10, that would do one in,. but then again could be fun trying. It also depends on how the personality of the collective is.

ROTFLMAO! Good looking ride.

Are you hiding.... or send away? Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

Very smart Spratty. Drink one for me, if I don't beat you to it, lol. Bike looks good

Mini fridge needed for that great man cave? I bet you had way more fun than the 11.

Yeah it was a great session, my 21yr old son joined me and we enjoyed a few drinks together.

Smart man.

Glad your son was able to goin you. Way better time, for sure

OMG! 10????? 10 girlfriend at the same time??? It must be like a henhouse at your place!!!
You made a right decision Spratty - nothing can compare with a drink in the garage in that situation!!!

Yes woke up feeling a little foggy this morning, must have had few more than I thought..

Yeah, but you woke up

You are just lucky they didn't find you in a foggy state and take advantage of it.

You show great wisdom Spratty. And a great sense of self preservation!!!!!!!!

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