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Garage Night

Garage Night

A pic of the 2 this time


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Banish yourself again ??

I'd spend time in the garage myself. Good pic

Its my favourite room in the house, see how there's room for another buke or two....

You need a bed in there , so you can sleep with them. LOL.

It has been done before

I can see why it's your favorite room

There is plenty of room for at least one more. If you move that white thing out you could get like 3 more very easy and have room for a nice big Bed.

That shot in the garage looks familiar Spratty. Smiley-laughing

Yes a bit boring I know, but I do some of my best thinking in there.

Had a nice little ride this morning about 170km. I just love riding so much I could just keep going and not stop

You can make up for me Spratty.

soon Tezza soon

Nice Dave. But I thought you would of put carpet down by now to keep the tyres from getting cold.

Ray I do have rolls of carpet that I put down when I'm working on them maybe I should get it air conditioned. lol

Let not go too crazy now Dave. I have carpet squares in my garage and workshop it does keep the floor warm especially in winter. A/C is 2 doors open.


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