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For the Gearheads

For the Gearheads

Just back from assignment...I was tasked with lighting a bunch of cars for a major car manufacturer/distributor.  This car was one of my favorites...

So, can any of you gearheads on this site name what this car is?

Here's a clue:  This car is 50 years old.

The prize will be braggin' rights.




Own Photo: 



Not sure but with my experience riding up there those massive Orange lights on the front are not indicators because Americans don't use them. Smiley-laughing

Well kinda reminds me of a Lambo but the
clue on "major car manufacturing" is throwing me off.....oh wait.......Toyota

Toyota 2000 GT ?

Quite the trendsetter in its day !

Sorry, the name is in the jpeg description. Bit to easy. lol

Haha Edwins, I was wondering what you were talking about until I worked out your method, well done.

1969 2000GT.

Yep...1969 2000GT (Didn't know you could access the jpeg description, so cheaters don't count!)

Here's how I lit up the place...

1969 Toyota 2000GT photo Toyota 1969 200 GT Setup_zpspvmvrfxn.jpg

I didn't cheat, I googled european sports cars but came up empty. Then because im a Toyota guy I searched vintage Toyota sports cars and it was right at the top of the search.

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