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Gert 3

Gert 3

Valk and my 1st camper, C109R and the newer camper which we have now. Both have queen size beds. Still looking for some pics of the camper set up.


Own Photo: 


Aussie road train !

That's a lot of stuff to be towing on a bike...

Does it easy fully loaded and two up. We just did a trip covering just under 5000ks like this.

Look at that! I think that's the most beautiful way to travel around and when you find a nice place to overnight two or three nights there is a comfortable bed and a bike to watch the surroundings! Great combinations Al!

Thanks Gert. Found some pics of it set up. Will post them shortly.

Let the good times roll. Smiley-laughing Nice looking setup.

Hey Xero, here is the Valk towing my first camper trailer. My C109R has the second and currnt camper attached.

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