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Get together.

Get together.

Washbrook (Norman), Scott (Woody), tezza and Ray (Raymond 52) got to catchup at the Catho pub in Catherine Hill Bay.
Norman was visiting family in Newcastle. Scott is is now living near Newcastle. Ray and I rode from Penrith this morning and although we had a couple of stops and got caught in roadworks traffic, we arrived 5 minutes after they arrived. A great time was had by all.



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Good to see!

Always good to get together with friends. Not bad timing at all Tezza. Wish I had only a 5 minute wait on other riders, lol

Haha... are you sure or did they tell you it was only 5 minutes? Nice pic Terry and always good to be surrounded by friends to go for a ride!

Gert, I'll take five minutes over an hour any day, lol

Always nice to meet up with old friends. If it would have been an hour, you could have taken a nap, but you need the couch bike like Norman's to do that.

What Randy just said. Smiley-laughing

Nice!! Good onya guys.

Was nice to catch up with Woody and Norman.Great old pub by the water, first time there. Only problem was the heat and traffic. Stops were for water to stop dehydrating.

Always good catch up with friends. Who owns the Roadmaster?

Great to meet up like that. The heat sure beats the cold and snow..

Norman (Washbrook) owns the Roadmaster.

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