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Get your kicks.......

Get your kicks.......

It's October and Fall is upon us. Some folks have already seen snow. When the wind begins to howl and the grey days drag on, we need to be able to look forward to next year's warm. Here's a little something to think about.




Darn in that area the wrong time of the year next year

That's a hell of a link Edwin

That was a great little show.

Edwin....have you bought a few more bikes?

We enjoyed a little week in the south of Spain, still summer and 28 degrees. Arrived back in Holland yesterday around midnight and it was only 6!! degrees. Yes Edwin, we have to get used to a few months colder weather, but I’ll try to do some rides all year round now I have the little Honda. It’s almost time to polish the Yamaha and prepare the Star for wintersleep in the shed....

I have the chance to buy my Royal Star back. The guy wants too much and it wasn't looked after like it was when I had her. However.......if he comes down a bit....

No, Albert. My fixed income is usally broke.

Cool link and looks like a great time

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