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Getting The Boulevard Ready For Wild Hogs

Getting The Boulevard Ready For Wild Hogs

New tyre to go on the front. Brakes OK. Will do oil change and filter. Check all other detaols as per inspection list.



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I think it’s when you can do it yourself. I realy have to bring my bike at Ap, fro the bikerstore... “I know nothing” LOL

I have a proper service manual to help Gert.

Good stuff Terry ! Do you put the new tyre on the rim yourself ?

No Arild. I get the bike shop to do that and balance as well.

It always saves a bit of cash, to do it yourself.

Gert, I know it all. Well....where the petrol goes...where the air goes....where the oil goes....where the coolant goes....but that’s it.

I do what I can. I have been known to study the procedure on YouTube. Then give it a go.

In the 70`s I was riding around in Scandinavia and Europe on my 1973 Suzuki GT 750. I always brought with me the tools needed to take of my wheel, tyre off the rim and fix the leak to put it back on. Did this a few times beside the road in the middle of nowhere! Balance we had never heard about ! Different times and different type of wheels. Biggrin

WH10 is getting close. I have a VTX in pieces as well.

Steve, I’ll bring my 500/4 down and maybe you could put the 1800 in it.....

Ok Al, But it still wont go.........


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