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On my way home from the Parkway I ran into very very old biker on a very very old bike at a gas station and he gave me this



That is very cool. I wouldn't be surprised if it pre dates the guardian bells.

It may, I have never seen one. He was a cool old guy on an awsome old old indian.

That's very cool!!

And he had one of the original Indians too.

he should get a medal for riding that kidney shaker

That’s respect from him to you Valerie .

Really nice!...and unique

So very cool and respect from a fellow stranger. Too bad we don’t have a whole lot more of this in the world

How cool is that! And you made another biker friend.

Randy if you ride you're all part of the same family it is pretty cool though

That's awesome, Val! Way cool!!

A great gift Val.

I think he’s trying to pick you has a tracker in it. Lol. Pretty cool gift Val. Looks terrific.

I should be so lucky. I'll die alone and bitter

I'm way too strong willed and I ain't no barbie doll Smiley-laughing

I really like unusual stuff and this ranks right up there with my little piece of crock that Peter gave me

Glad you’ve still got it Valerie

Are you kidding!! It's one of my most prized things!!! It's from one of the most tenacious animals on earth I love it!!

Very special gift and a very special way you got it!

Yes indeed

Cool gift Val. I'm sure you will cherrish it. Just a shame he was very very very old. But you gotta give it to him he is still trying.

LOL. Hey ling as he can still ride its all good

OH SHIT!!! That came out all wrong!!!

Lol. It’s ok’s a secret.....with a few thousand members.

I think my English was for a moment even worse as usual.... what did you say Val?

Never mind Gert

Ha! This thread sure took an interesting turn..... let's hear it for old guys that can still ride!!!

Stop it!!

You talkin ‘bout me .... !!

HEY I'm just one of those old guys. That is a great pin he gave you. Think he may have been an angel in disguise? ride safe my friend

Stop what?

I forget things....sometimes....

Al ... I think it’s some “other” type of “riding” they are talking about !!!!

OMG !!! think so?

Your no older than I.

I’m a soring chicken Val......not sure which spring though.

Isn’t a so(a)ring chicken a turkey !

Bugger! I thought I could multi-task Vardy. You know, breathe and type at the same time.
Spring chicken.....sPring......

My young innocent ears and eyes. Will never be the same.

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