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Glad I'm in 82F Buckeye AZ.

Glad I'm in 82F Buckeye AZ.

Cause this is a pic our neighbor took of our place in Wardsville On. yesterday morning. Surprised Went for a ride this morning and was just in the garage cleaning the bike. Had to come in cause the sun got over the front of the house and it was too hot!. LMAOCool
                "SFFS"   "ASAA" "OS"



think u left a window open!?

lmao! My daughter's there, probably all the windows open and the furnace turned up!!!

Looks like here . Snowing like crazy, we're supposed to get 10-20 centimeters by tomorrow.

Bill, my wife was hoping for the same??....she was bitterly dissapointed

Read your pm.

going to be a balmy 37C ( 98F) here today
im going for a ride

Well........ They build iglo's to stay warm, isn't it? Smiley-wink

Yeah Telf??? Well I'm going for a ride too!!!

down the banister dont count Bill!!!!

Grant, read this F--k U!!!

when u go down the banister Bill, dont for get to go "WOOOO-WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

I prefer Yihah!!!!

Where I grew up there was a place called Bannisters, you could get a ride there!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeee Haw!!

nothing better than homemade snow ice cream. Just don't use the yellow or brown snow

Too much snow Gary. Randy you don't use the yellow or brown snow for ice cream. They go in the snow cones. Lol

What??? You're Canadian?

You got hot wile detailing the bike? No problem. Drop by I can sovle your problem.

Cyrus.............. I hope you get a bit of sunstroke and a really bad sunburn , you bastard !!!!
I'm kidding...............I'm just soooooo jealous !! We got about 6" of snow in Kingston Ont. last week and then a couple more inches over the last few days, now they're calling for another 4 " on Saturday !!!
Yep..............definitely JEALOUS !!!!!
Take good care and ride safe , my friend !!

Well... Up here I'm coolong my beer ouside the fridge...

If I put ours outside it would be frozen.

My beer would be frozen and covered in snow.

You keep them outside just for couple of minutes guys!!!!
Not the whole night!!!!!

LOL. That makes no difference here. LOL.

Arrr the snow. It's so pretty. Lol.

Pretty Ugly!!!
J.J. I am indeed a Canadakian. Born and raised in the home of the Ti-Cats.
Moved from there to west of London On. almost a year and a half ago. Should have left that hole years ago. lol.

And you want to go back to that why???!!!! Lmao

We lived in Kingsville for 5 years before moving to Alberta.

Snow is fun to play in but not live in

I have no stinkin' idea why I would go back. Today is in the 80's. I have always wondered why my great grandfather got off the boat up there. Had to be in the summer, cause no one in their right mind would have stayed in the winter.
And why didn't the stupid British say, here go make you're own country in the cold half? lmao!

Suck it up Gary!!!!

lol, Bill I am now a fair weather Canuck!! lmao!

yr a lot of things...but nuthin that should ever go into a job application

You always do tell the truth!!

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