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glorious leds

glorious leds

the full package, 7" led headlight and 4.5" passing lamps,  


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Do you notice a significant difference in how much light you have available?

Looks good!

Nice set up...I took your advice and bought the same Sunpie headlight - which I will install once I get the bike out of storage - still looking for the light bar lights - I have a yamaha lightbar but it's different than yours - made from round stock - with the signal lights dropping from the bottom of the shells and the fastening nut inside the shell. So Im not sure the sunpie 4.5's are going to fit. I might just take the plunge and order them anyway. Was there any clearance at all in the shells with the lights installed?

You do nice work. Is the seat you just did going on this bike?

edwins , i put it for bike shows and special events.
next thing to do is a different driver backrest bracket that runs the length of the fender under my rack, gotta do a little figurin on that but it should work, it works in my head so it should be fine.

The light is almost to much light, its about 100 times brighter than the oem bub,

gordo, the 4.5s are tight in mine, there are 3 tabs that held the glass oem light from going in to far, i just flatened them with pliers and the leds slid right in, i just didnt like a bar with the signals hanging, i think mine is more compact.

That looks great!

Thanks for the tip eynstyn ...I will probably take the chance and see if I can get a set to fit
I really like the symmetry of your light set up - and that includes the the signals...and the wide flat bar gives it a beefy look

Nice job.

Nice Job - They look Great - Well Done ...
Ride Safe ...

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